Hazel Martin - Spiritual Medium
Hazel Martin - Spiritual Medium
About Me
I grew up in Brighton as part of a close family unit, and have spent my whole life living in Brighton or its surrounding towns.
I became aware of Spirit at an early age, and had a few “interesting experiences”.  It was not until my Grandmother passed to the spirit world that I became aware that she had been working as a medium for many years in local churches, holding séances and conducting private sittings.  This inspired me to find out more about Spiritualism, so I set forth to read as much as I could about the subject to broaden my horizons.
Whilst this gave me a grounding and background in the subject, it was not until I started attending Seaford Spirit , that I truly understood what being a Spiritualist was, and felt that I belonged.  I soon joined a development circle, where it became apparent that I too had a gift for communicating with the spirit world.
After a while, I was invited to demonstrate at a service at Seaford Spirit, which to my surprise and delight was well received.  Before too long, the invitations to demonstrate at Spiritualist Churches and in private readings were being received.  I now also work for the spirit world through public and private demonstrations.
For me, the most important aspect of any message, and what I strive to achieve,  is to provide irrefutable proof that our loved ones continue to exist after they leave our earthly existence, and that the evidence is so specific that there is no doubt for the recipient as to who the message is from.
I live in Peacehaven with my partner Stewart, my dog Rocky and cat Alfie.  I work full-time as a Training Manager so have to fit my work for spirit around the day job!